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E-Signatures and CRM Automation: Webinar Recording and Cheat Sheet
E-Signatures and CRM Automation: Webinar Recording and Cheat Sheet

All you need to know about e-signature tech and CRM automation in Vincere

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Watch the webinar below, then use the step-by-step guide to get started.

1️⃣ Setup & enable your SignRequest account:

SignRequest is a secure and legally binding e-signature tool.

To get started, you will first need a Business Account with SignRequest. View plans here.

The SignRequest integration for Vincere enables you and your Candidates / Contacts to sign contracts fast and seamlessly online.

2️⃣ Use e-signing to streamline your recruitment workflow:

Documents signed with SignRequest x Vincere are legally binding and automatically logged against the Candidate or Contact’s profiles in your Vincere account.

3️⃣ Log Contact activities and statuses with Vinny’s CRM Automation:

With the CRM automation, Vincere will automatically move your Contacts to a specific stage based on Contact activities.

Once the client contract is signed, log the activity against the Contact. Vincere will then automatically move your Contact to the corresponding stage based on your CRM automation rule.

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