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Create automation rules to update a Contact's Stage based on Contact activities

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CRM Contact Stage Automation

We’ve added in the ability for you to create automation rules to update Contact’s Stage based on Contact activities.

1. To get started, head over to Settings > Admin Settings >Click the edit button under Organization Settings > Click the CRM automation tab

2. You can then choose in which stage(s) of the CRM Contact Pipeline, you’d like to create automations for

3. Click on the pencil icon to set up the automation rules.

4. Toggle on the Stage Automation: Update from this stage to another stage automatically

5. Under Rules, select the Contact activities you want to use as the trigger of the automation.

NOTE: This includes all Contact related activities (calls, meetings), new Job and new Job Lead added, Job Lead conversion, and all placements.

🔥 TIP: You can review and rename the Contact activities in Settings > Goal Console. Check out this article for more information on how to rename activities and track calls / meetings.

6. Then select which Stage you want to move the Contact to when the activity is completed.

7. The Stage update will then be logged against the Contact’s Profile as an activity

Note: You can click the + icon to add another rule. You can add up to a maximum of 9 Rules. You can also easily remove a rule by clicking the red - icon.

Sample Workflow

In the Workflow below, it shows that when you create a job lead on a new contact in the All contacts stage, it will move the contact in the Leads stage in Pending status

As an example, Contact Cuthbert Binns is in All Contacts stage

Based on the Stage Automation rule, to move this contact to Lead stage in pending, we need to create a new Job lead.

To do this, click on the action button or the ... on the top right and select Job (New) action.

From here, fill in the details and select Job lead under Job category. Make sure to fill in any Mandatory field before clicking Save or Save & View

After creating the job lead, you can check back on the stage of the contact.

You can either click on the chevron or you can click on the contact to see the stages inside the profile.

Hope this helps you set up your own Automation rule!

Note: If you’ve got multiple Contacts in one company, Vincere will move Company according to the Contact in the highest stage. Check out this article for more information.

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