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DaXtra Styler for Vincere
What is DaXtra Styler, how to get started and where to go for support with the DaXtra Styler integration
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A quick overview 👇

What is DaXtra Styler?

Automate the application of branding and styling to your incoming CVs with DaXtra Styler. No more hours of preparation in formatting CVs ready for sending to your clients.

By deploying DaXtra Styler, you automatically create many of your branding elements, eliminating the need to manually prepare the CV in a corporate or house style.

The benefits of DaXtra Styler

  • Cost Reduction: Instant direct savings on CV preparation

  • Time Saving: All CVs automatically prepared; ready for checking and sending

  • Brand Awareness: Ensures your CV send outs reflect your professional identity

  • Professionalism: Sets a high standard, elevating you above the competition

Here's how the integration works:

Once you have signed up for a paid license with DaXtra Styler, you'll be able to format CVs and automatically:

  • Add your corporate logo

  • Add your consultant or office contact information

  • Append standard terms and conditions

  • Append a cover sheet

  • Remove key contact details to anonymize the CV

  • Complete a candidate profile

How to get started?

DaXtra Styler is available in Vincere's marketplace. To book a demo and discuss licensing, reach out to DaXtra.

How do I set up / turn on the integration?

Once you’ve licensed Daxtra Styler, the team at DaXtra will set everything up for you.

Need support for DaXtra Styler?

Hong Kong: +852 5803 6991 Option #1

Sydney: +61 2 7908 5121 Option #1

Singapore: +65 3158 6790 Option #1

Europe: +44 131 653 1260

Americas: +1 804 767-1351 Option #3

See more information about DaXtra Styler here.

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