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v15.0 December '20 Release | Core, Pay & Bill & Intelligence
v15.0 December '20 Release | Core, Pay & Bill & Intelligence

New Experience tab in Quick View, Configure Custom Rejection Reasons, Link a Candidate to a Contact, and much more...

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We’ve made it easier to see everything you need to know about your Candidates’ history & applications in the new Experience tab in the Quick View:

a. A fresh, slick UI to keep things clear.

b. View a list of all active applications

c. Take quick actions: rate, reject & progress your Candidate directly from the Quick View

d. Parse the Latest CV to show the Work & Education history

e. History will parse from LinkedIn if brought in using Velocity.

f. No resume on the profile? Upload & parse straight from the Experience tab or update manually.

g. When a Candidate is placed, the new Job Title & Company will automatically reflect in the Candidate’s tagline.

Redesigned for an enhanced user experience: your Candidates’ Work History is now easier than ever to navigate:

a. Work History now shows in a table-view breakdown with Job Title, Employer & Period.

b. Select the Job in the breakdown to auto-navigate to the full details.

c. More field configuration is now possible. Hide/show the following Work History sub-fields:

i. Industry

ii. Sub-Industry

iii. Functional

iv. Sub-Functional

You can now configure custom rejection reasons for your consultants to choose from when rejecting a Candidate from an Application:

a. Custom rejection reasons can be configured.

b. Choose the rejection reason from the dropdown & add a comment.

c. Fully tracked in Candidate’s Activities tab.

The #1 requested feature by you: More columns in the Job Application table:

a. Additional Columns available in the table of the Job profile.

b. Rearrange columns to create & load Smart Views.

c. Filter and sort columns.

Linking functionality is now available both ways: you can now link an existing Candidate record to a Contact:

a. Link to Existing Contact

b. Link to New Contact

Have more control over the status of your Candidates and Contacts with a configurable status that can be updated on the fly.

a. Candidate & Contact Status configurable.

b. Candidate Status added into Application table.

c. Update the status from Candidate & Contact profile, and placements.

d. Sub-Status renamed to Application Sub-Status.

e. Candidate & Contact Status both searchable.

Redesigned User Interface to keep Vinny clear and simple:

a. Improved UI

b. Location now shows following Address fields:

i. Address Line 1

ii. Address Line 2

iii. District/Suburb

iv. Town/City

v. Zip (Postal Code)

vi. Country

vii. County / State field auto-changes terminology depending on country selected

c. Address (Link to Map) field auto-links to addresses of the selected country

d. Skills have improved UI, hit Enter to add each skill


Improved layout of Pay & Bill section in the Placement page:

a. Improved User Interface & layout of fields.

b. Auto apply super and state specific PRT on selection of state (ANZ only)

c. Allowances & Taxes / Bill sections not applicable for Umbrella or Ltd.


9/ New drill-down: Perm Sub-Type

a. A new filter called ‘Perm Sub-Type’ added to the Booked Fees & Actual Fees dashboards

b. Drill down to the sub type of your permanent placements: contingent, retained or exclusive.

10/ Sticky filters across key reporting dashboards

Configure your default Intelligence filters or “sticky” filters for your key reporting dashboards inside Vincere Intelligence:

a. “Sticky filters” are user-based. This means that every time you visit Vinny Intelligence the filters will show you your preferred view.

b. “Sticky filters” added to six key dashboards:

  • User Engagement

  • Goals

  • Booked Fees

  • Future Fees

  • Actual Fees

  • Temps & Contractors

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