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v14.5 November '20 Mini Release

Increased flexibility for Goals, mobile responsive LiveList™ , jump to radius search when shortlisting, updated profit splits & much more.

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1/ LiveListis now mobile responsive

Redesigned for an enhanced User Experience: your Clients can now use the LiveList™ across all devices.

a. LiveList™ is now fully responsive across different devices (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop).

b. Resumes and other Candidate documents are shown in full view, adapting to your Clients’ screen size.

For better usability and smoother navigation between pages when searching, now you can:

a. Use Radius search when shortlisting and auto-matching candidates to Job.

b. Jump to Advanced Search from anywhere.

c. See 'Distance to job' in candidate search results.

d. Sort candidates by closest 'distance to job'.

e. Go back with ‘Previous Screen’ button.

When you add new records to Vincere via external sources - for example, via job boards, Velocity, Vincere Engage, and the Data Import tool- they will now be auto-linked to the right Brand.


a. Apply Profit Split per Tranche:

You can now apply profit splits against individual tranches of a retainer. These will update in the invoice automatically.

b. Updated Date of Invoice:

This will now default to the date that is entered in the Invoice Schedule, not the date the invoice is generated.

a. On-Costs now support numeric values (not just % values)

This means greater flexibility for different verticals in the contract market. You can now use create Pay & Bill templates with fixed fee values such as supplier fees, medical claims and insurance.

Numeric values is supported in:

i. Allowances (subject to Taxes)

ii. Optional Factors

iii. Tax/Bill

b. New Time Interval: Annual

Applicable for the Japanese market, where 80% of jobs are contract but the typical contract length is one year:

i. A new Time Interval called “Annual”.

ii. Contract length will default to year(s).

iii. Also added to Pay & Bill templates in Admin Settings.


Vinny’s new weekly and monthly Goals structure gives you greater control over target setting & performance management. 'Set and forget' your 2021 targets and put performance management on autopilot.

a. Seasonal Variances:

You can now adjust targets on a weekly/monthly basis to account for holiday periods and other seasonal fluctuations.

b. Copy & bulk edit Goals:

Copy targets across your teams and divisions. Bulk assign them across weeks and months. Great for larger scale teams.

We also rolled out a small update for Intelligence in Oct '20:

a. Filter by consultant status: active / inactive consultants

b. Filter by placements types | Goal Dashboard

c. Retainer profit split included in Goal Console

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