Contingent, Retained or Exclusive? We've got you covered 👍 Classify your perm jobs into sub-types. You specialize - and we do too.

How to set up a retained job

You can add a job in the usual way from Quick Add > Job. When you select Job Type as Permanent, you will see the drop for “Sub-type” - from here, select Retained.

NOTE: You will only see the Sub-type dropdown when you select Permanent Job Type - retained jobs are not available on other Job Types.

You can then set up the invoice schedule.

Setting up the schedule:

Click Add Tranche to set up each stage of the schedule

For a retained job, you can schedule retainer invoices to be sent either:

  • On a specific date(s)

  • At a specified job stage

  • Sent whenever you decide

On a specific date:

In the schedule dropdown select “date”. You can then choose the date you would like the invoice to be automatically created.

At a specified job stage:

In the schedule dropdown select “stage”. You can then choose the stage the application reaches at which you would like the invoice to be automatically created.

Sent whenever you decide:

In the schedule dropdown select “manual”. You can then manually create the invoice whenever you are ready:

NOTE: These will create draft invoices. These can be viewed and approved by users who have access to pay & bill.

You can access the invoice schedule from the Job by clicking into Compensation & Fees:

Set up payment tranches and watch the money come in. Whenever an invoice gets sent out, an email notification will be sent to your accountants and the job owner.

What if I need to send my invoice sooner than the automatic schedule?

From the job, go to the Invoice schedule. From here, you can click to create and send the invoice to your accountant. This email address will pull from the Account Email details in Admin Settings, and admins can configure the email template in Email Templates.

How do I add notes to the invoice?

Once an invoice has been created (either manually or automatically), you can view and add notes. These will show in the history of the invoice:

NOTE: If you are a Pay & Bill user you will be able to click the hyperlink of the invoice number to take you through to the full invoice. If you are not a user with the Pay & Bill permission, you will be able to see the Invoice number but you will not be able to click it to view the full invoice:

Why can’t I see the Invoices when I select Retained?

If you do not have Pay & Bill invoices toggled on in marketplace, you will still be able to create tranches. However, you will not be able to create invoices.

What do these figures mean?

Forecast fee: This is a total of all the tranches

Invoiced: This is the amount of the invoices that are Approved and Sent or Approved & Marked as Sent

Balance: This is the forecast fee minus the invoiced amount

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