Learn how to create, organize and set mandatory placement fields.

You can configure placement fields in your Vincere system. This means that you can create, organize, and set mandatory fields you need in the Placement section.

To configure, go to Settings → Field configuration → Placement Fields

From here, you can add up to 50 placement custom fields simply by clicking on a field type of your choice.

PLUS you can organize the placement custom fields into sections if required.

You can also decide to make the custom field as mandatory.

Note: If your placement field is set as mandatory, that placement cannot be completed without the mandatory fields.

Custom fields can also be added as wildcards to documents. To do this, select the field and check 'Enable wildcard'.

You'll be able to find this wildcard in the wildcard section in the Document Builder.

Finally, you can export custom fields in the Export Scheduler. 🎉

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