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Questions you might have on the export scheduler

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  1. Why can’t I set up a schedule?

Only Admins or Superusers are able to use the data export. If you don’t have access to this please speak to your Administrator.

2. What is the difference between an export report and an export schedule?

Export report is the template where you can build and customise the data you would like to export.

Export schedule is where you build the schedule. It can either be an immediate report or an export on a schedule.

3. What is ‘First data export from’ vs ‘Start date & time’?

“First data export from” is the date of the first data will pull from. The first exported data will include any data timestamped between “First data export from" and "Start date & time" 

“Start date & time” is the date of the first scheduled export.

4. Why can’t I delete the report?

If there is a schedule set up for the report, you will be unable to delete this. Scheduled reports must have the “finished” or ‘paused” status before you can delete them.

5. Can I still edit the report?

Scheduled reports can still be edited. Any changes will apply to the future reports.

6. Can I have multiple export schedules with 1 report?

Yes, you can set multiple export schedules to a single report.

7. Is there a limit for the data to be exported?

The CSV export is limited to a maximum of 500,000 applications per export.

8. How many export reports can I have running?

You can only have 15 running schedules at one time.

9. Is there an expiration date for exported reports?

Reports will be available for 30 days after the exported date. You can re-downloaded them again.

10. Why can't I see my immediate export in the Export Schedules section?

Only scheduled exports show on this tab. Immediate report will download straight away and not show here. You can access it from the Export / Download List tab

11. Which status of the invoice can I export?

You can export Purchase Invoices (Approved) and Sales Invoices (Approved & Sent/Marked as Sent)

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