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How to set up a scheduled export
How to set up a scheduled export

Set up future exports on a schedule

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This is perfect if you need to export data on a regular basis - you no longer need to manually do the export each time. Just set it up once, and it will then export on a schedule that suits you.

Go to Settings > Data Export > Export Schedules. Note: Only administrators will be able to do this - if you require access please speak to your administrator. 

  1. Choose the report you would like to export

  2. Select file type - CSV or XLXS

  3. Choose export method - schedule

  4. Report data filter by

  5. Decide how you would like the export to be filtered. Note: This dropdown will vary according to which data set you are exporting

6. Timezone - this will default to the timezone set in your User Settings

7. First Data Export From - This is the date that the first data will pull from - Any data timestamped between "First data export from" and "Start date & time" will be included in your first export

8. Start Date: This is the date of the first scheduled export.

9. Then you can choose when you would like your schedule to repeat:


This option allows you to choose how many days between each export.

Example: If you select 8, the export will run every 8 days.


This option allows you to choose how many weeks between each export, and on which days of the week:

Example: If you select 3 weeks and Monday & Thursday, the export will run every 3 weeks on the Monday and Thursday of that week.


This option allows you to run the report monthly, and select which days of the month you would like to run it on:

Example: If you select every 1 month, and for the report to run on day 1, the report will run on the 1st day of each month.

Note: Due to February being a short month, we do not support exporting on the 28th, 29th, 30th or 31st. You can select “last day of the month” to export on the last calendar day of each month.

You are able to preview your export - click HERE to read about how to do this.

  1. Ends: This is when you would like the schedule to end:

  2. Never - keep the schedule repeating with no end date

  3. After number of export times - after the export has happened after a certain number of times

  4. Specific date - repeat the export until a certain date

To read about the different export methods click HERE.

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