Currently, there are 2 places where you can get visibility on your job board performance & traffic.

  1. Instant Job Board dashboard in Analytics

For the Job Portal, Vincere offers a website traffic & conversion dashboard in Analytics. To see this, go to Analytics > Lead & Candidate Sources > Instant Job Board

2. Google Search Console in the Setup page of Engagement Hub

If you'd like to get Google Analytics set up for your Job Portal so you can track your own set of metrics, simply reach out to our support team with the following information:

  1. Your Vincere account URL

  2. The user(s) email address in your google analytics account (Please note that this has to be a Gmail/Gsuite email)

Note: Since we currently offer out-of-the-box analytics in Google Search Console as well as in Analytics (as identified above), this is considered outside our current scope of development and a one-off charge will apply for our product team and developer's time.

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