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Consolidated Invoices
How to create consolidated invoices
How to create consolidated invoices

Creating Consolidated Invoices

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To consolidate invoices, you need to select the invoices that you want to consolidate. Just head to your Pay & Bill from the sidebar menu:

Or, head to the last chevron, then select “Invoices” from the drop-down:

Now, select the invoices and the actions panel will appear - select “create a new consolidated invoice”

IMPORTANT: To be able to consolidate invoices, all the selected invoices must have the same:

  • Invoice Type

  • Company

  • Currency

  • Status (this must be APPROVED or APPROVED NOT SENT)

  • If the Invoice Type is Purchase invoice AND the Pay Type = Ltd Co. OR Corporation, the Candidate Company Name must be the same

  • Invoices must not have been consolidated previously

 Then just click confirm - the action cannot be undone:

In the Invoices tab, you will then see your consolidated invoice, and the child invoices will have a Status of “Consolidated”:

From within the invoice, you can clearly see it is consolidated and can view the details of the individual invoices which make up that consolidated invoice:

Click into the activities tab to view the history of this invoice and add comments:

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