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v14 January '20 Release | Core, Engage & Pay & Bill
v14 January '20 Release | Core, Engage & Pay & Bill

Consolidated invoicing, enhancements to Availability, Send Documents to Contacts and much more.

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ATS  / CRM ✨

a. Supports candidate's timezone:

  • Popup appears on availability page for candidate to select timezone

b. New look & improved UI:

  • Availability page for Candidates

  • Availability in Candidate Profile & Quick View

  • Update availability in Mobile interface

a. New action to "Send Document to Contact"
b. Documents show in Job File section
c. Works with SignRequest:

  • When document is signed, contact documents will be saved in Contact & Company File

  • Link document to Job

  • Track & monitor document signatory statuses

3/ Improvements to Advanced Search

a. Select country from country dropdown for Radius Search
b. Enhanced accuracy and usability for postal code searches

a. New formats supported:

  • .PNG


  • .BMP


  • .CSV

  • .GIF

  • URL link

b. New file types also supported in the Engagement Hub / Candidate Portal

Block candidates & contacts with specific email domains from being created or updated

Pay & Bill ⚡

a. Bulk select & combine multiple invoices into one
b. Add and remove invoices to consolidated invoices
c. Create consolidated invoice templates
d. Applicable to Sales & Purchase invoices
e. Track invoice history: by who, what & when

Integrations 💥

a. Analyse your team's performance data
b. Create automated competitions to drive activity & performance
c. Gamification

Engagement Hub ✨

8/  Session timeout for security
9/ Job Alerts - Basic & Advanced options
10/ Support new file formats
11/ Saved jobs
12/ UI updates to menu

See Engagement Hub updates here.

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