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1. Changes to Expenses ✅

2. Quick Add ✅

3. Notifications ✅

4. Roles ✅

5. UI/General Changes ✅

6. Scheduler ✅

7. Settings ✅

1/ Changes to Expenses

We’ve made lots of small changes to how expenses work within TimeTemp, to make things clearer and easier.

Firstly, you can now add units & price per unit when submitting an expense, making it simple if you purchase the same items multiple times.

There is now a separate dropdown to “Add Expense”, similar to when you request leave or add a timesheet (available on Web & Mobile)

Managers will be able to see and approve/reject Expenses, and recruiters will also be able to see a list of Expenses in Vincere (Web only). Expense receipts can also be downloaded.

In addition, when you quick add an expense, you have the option to link it to a timesheet (web & mobile). 

When you quick add an allowance, you will only be able to submit this to a draft, unsubmitted or rejected timesheet.

We’ve also made some changes to the UI of Expenses, adding in filterable columns making it easy to keep track of everything.

Different user types will also be able to see different Expense information:

  • Employee - See “Approver” and “Company”

  • Approver - See “Approvers” and “Employee”

  • Recruiter - See all

Lastly, you will now clearly be able to see the number of submitted expenses, and the value of these expense claims. This figure will change when filters are applied.

2/ Quick Add

When you quick add a timesheet in TimeTemp, you will notice some changes. Firstly we’ve updated the pay rules (this is for unsubmitted timesheets only):

NOTE: Quick add pay rules is only available on Unsubmitted timesheets. You will also notice that the pay rule names will feed though from what you have configured in Vincere.

Secondly, we’ve updated the expenses layout in Quick add to allow Admin users to add individual expenses:

We’ve also made some improvements to how TimeTemp is integrated with Vincere - When you use the Quick Add in TimeTemp to create a timesheet, it will get sent to Vincere and now include the “Quick add” pay rules in payload & expenses.

A great time-saving change we have made, is that when you quick add a timesheet, Vincere will now automatically create an invoice for you. This will happen for both purchase and sales invoices.

The invoice will then show in the invoices tab within Vincere.

NOTE: This feature is only possible for users with Recruiter Admin permissions. This permission can be set from User Management > Select User > Permissions > 8. TimeTemp.

3/ Notifications

Not a fan of notifications? Managers & Approvers are now able to turn these on or off (Web only), whilst Employees can turn them on or off on both the web & mobile app.

4/ Roles

We’ve made the roles for approving timesheets much clearer to understand.

MANAGER: The manager is the Contact of the job within Vincere. They will be the Manager in TimeTemp, and will also be able to approve timesheets.

APPROVER: You can add up to 2 approvers. These people will NOT have manager access to TimeTemp, but they will be able to see the timesheets that need approving/rejecting.

You can clearly see the User Type within TimeTemp:

In Vincere, on the job Placement page, here is where you can add additional approver onlys:

You can choose whether you would like just one of your approvers to approve/reject the timesheet (in which case either of them will be able to), or you can require both to approve.

5/ UI / General changes

Timesheets: Instead of having separate tabs, we have combined all the timesheets into one tab on the left hand side. Here you will be able to find Submitted, Unsubmitted, Approved & Rejected timesheets easily:

You can now clearly see the number of submitted timesheets, and the number of hours these equate to:

We’ve also changed the order of the sections on the dashboard:

Decimals: These have been amended, so you will now only be able to see 2 decimal places when in TimeTemp. This applies to holiday allowance, and also to all currencies apart from JPY, VND, CNY & Korean Won. You can also now see a currency column in the expense table which is filterable too:

Audit Log: In the audit log, we have made changes to the UI when you look at someone who is associated with more than one company. Just hover over the number of companies to see a dropdown of those company names.

UI: The UI of the Employee / Approver / Job / Company / User profiles have been improved to be clearer and easier to view:

And in the job view, you’ll see that “time interval” has been added in and this feeds through from the job in Vincere.

Leave requests: These are now easier to view.  Vacation / Sick / Holiday types have been combined into one column, and there is a column for the Leave Balance, which is for that specific type of leave.

When an employee requests leave, you will notice a clear structure to the email subject line:

  • “Leave Request - EMPLOYEE NAME” if action is required

  • “Leave Notice - EMPLOYEE NAME”, if action is not required

You can now clearly see the total number of Leave Requests, and the number of hours these equate to:

Unsubmitted Timesheets: If you ever have placements where the placement is made in Vincere, long after the contractor has actually started, then you will notice that now an unsubmitted timesheet will only appear for the week of the start date, and the following weeks.

Unapproving: when unapproving a timesheet it is now mandatory for the manager to add a reason.

Wording change: Instead of seeing the option to “Submit as off” when selecting a timesheet, you will now see “Did not work”.

Allowances Limit: When you add an allowance in the placement page, this will create an “allowance limit” when submitting an expense claim, ensuring your contractors can’t try to expense more than they are allowed.

To set this, firstly you need to input the allowance into the placement page

When you quick add an expense in TimeTemp, employees will see an error message if they try to submit a claim with a higher value than that on the placement page:

This will also apply when you submit an expense claim on the timesheet, rather than by using the quick add.

NOTE: This will only apply to future unsubmitted timesheets after the limit has been seet, IE this will not backdate to past timesheets when a limit is set.

Date Type column: We have updated the “day type/leave” column to instead be called “date type”, where you will be able to see Weekday / Public Holiday / Onsite / Offsite.

6/ Scheduler

We’ve made some changes to the scheduler at the bottom of the Dashboard page.

Firstly, the department that is set in Vincere now links through to TimeTemp. This means you can easily see which department the manager is assigned to. Firstly you need to set the contact’s department - you can find out how to do that HERE.

Then on the placement page, just choose the correct department from the dropdown (if the contact is in more than one department these will all be available in the dropdown, however you can only select one):

You will then be able to filter by department when looking at the scheduler.

We’ve also added some additional choices to the Active Contracts dropdown. You will now see Sick Only / Finishers / Starters:

7/ Settings

You can now set permissions for your employees, determining whether they are allowed to submit timesheets and expenses.

To do this, you will see options when making a placement - just tick the options you would like your contractor to be able to do.

NOTE: Once you have selected the permissions and made the placement, you will not be able to change these.

Managers and recruiter admins will be able to see the permissions of that employee from within the employee’s profile in TimeTemp:

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