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How to post a job to LogicMelon
How to post a job to LogicMelon
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Go to the Job you’d like to post using LogicMelon.

Hit Actions > Post.

Simply switch the Job privacy status to Public. You should be able to see LogicMelon option like so:

Click on Post. You will see a page like this:

Now, follow the in-app steps to post your jobs:

  1. Select job board

  2. Fill out details

At this stage, Vincere pulls in the information from the Job into this section for you. However, you can still edit and update as desired.

Next: Confirm details & Awaiting delivery

Once you confirm the details, click ‘Finish’ and your job is posted! Easy peasy! 

Awesome job - you've now posted your job! 👍🏻

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