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Once you’re all set up with Xero, head back into Vincere and let’s get you set up to get the most out of the Vincere x Xero integration.

  1. Navigate to a candidate in the Offered or Placed stage in the candidate pipeline. Find the candidate you want to create an invoice for and click anywhere in their row to open Invoice Details. 

2. Once you’re on the Candidates Invoice details page, click on Edit and then scroll down to Placement & Invoice Details. Ensure these fields are correctly filled in for this Candidate. Once you’re happy with this information hit Export to Xero. 

3.  Next you need to get your Xero account linked up with Vincere. Click on Connect to Xero, log into your Xero account and allow authorisation. 

Next you will be presented with a list of fields that are going to sync from Vincere into Xero. Once you’ve checked these fields are correct, tap Next. You will be presented with a final confirmation page. 

4.  You can see any invoices sent to Xero by clicking on Export History back on the Invoice Details page under Placement & Invoice Details

5. Next let's move over to your Xero account. Go to your dashboard and click on any draft invoices under the Invoices owed to you section. Here you can see the invoice we’ve just sent over from Vincere with all the corresponding fields filled in. 

Your placement information has been exported to Xero - absolutely no data entry required.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This integration with Xero only works for permanent jobs. For contract or temps jobs you can use our Data Export option. More information click HERE

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