With Vincere, you have the ability to define the meta tags for each of your job pages.

Meta tags are basically snippets of text that tell Google Bots what the page is about. It’s also the ‘teaser’ information that Google displays in the search results page, see the example below:

What this means is that if you’ve got 100 jobs posted, you need to write the Meta titles and meta descriptions out 100 times. Not fun.

So, here’s what we’ve done to make things easy for you:

In the SEO area of the Engagement Hub, you have the ability to define the Meta Titles and Meta Description template for all your job pages. You set up the meta title and meta description one time only.  Vincere will then pull in the relevant keywords and tags specific to the job as your meta title and description. This is a quick hack to get all your job pages crawlable and search engine optimized without having to spend time writing all these descriptions.

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