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Pay & Bill for Recruiter Admins: View and access users
Pay & Bill for Recruiter Admins: View and access users
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As a recruiter admin, you can access the user profiles of each of the candidates that everyone at your agency has placed into contracts, each of the managers who manage those candidates, and each of the recruiters at your agency. This will log you in so that you can perform the same actions that they can (see articles here, here and here for how to work Pay & Bill for recruiters, employees and managers).

NOTE: You should only use this feature if it is agreed with your client that you can amend their manager’s/employee’s timesheets.

To view the users, click on the management tab on the left hand side. You can then choose whether to view recruiters, employees or managers from the drop down menu. To access the user, click the green View As User button.

When you are logged in as one of your users, you will see this message at the bottom of the screen:

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