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Learn how to view timesheets within the candidate's profile

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There are two ways you can view timesheets. You can view timesheets related to a specific record - a job, a candidate or a contact, or you can simply get a list of all your timesheets. 

To view timesheets related to a specific record, all you have to do is go to the record. Let’s say you want to view all the timesheets of a candidate. Search for the candidate and go into the Candidate’s profile. Click on Applications and access the ‘T-sheets’ tab.

If you want need a full list of all your timesheets, simply navigate to the ATS > choose Applications and jump to the last stage. Click on the dropdown here to switch the table views to ‘timesheets - voila.’ All your timesheets are only 1-click away, perfect!

If you don’t see timesheet option available to you in the table, contact your administrator to enable the permissions for you. Or, if you’re the administrator, go to Marketplace and look for Vincere Invoicing. Click into the tile to select who gets to view Timesheets and who does not.

 Awesome, right? #TheVincereWay

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