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How to get started with Zapier
How to get started with Zapier
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In the following sections, let’s briefly run through how to set Zapier up, so you have a sense of what you need to do. Zapier offers a fantastic guide which we recommend reading before you begin.

Step 1: You need a Zapier Account

You will first need an account with Zapier. Go to to create one.

Step 2: Setup Zapier inside Vincere

Go to Vincere Settings > Marketplace > Zapier. 

Click on the Setup tab > Enable Zapier & click on ‘Setup’

You’ll see a page like this:

Click on ‘Accept Invite & Build a Zap’.

Step 3: Head over to the ‘My Apps’ tab & search for Vincere

Step 4: Simply input API key and Tenant in the fields

Now, here’s where you connect your Vincere account.


This is asking for your Vincere Account URL, look at your browser:

All you need is this (your Vincere Site URL):

You do not include any "https://"

API Key:

Get the API Key from inside Vincere

Go to Settings > Marketplace > API 

You can find your API token is in the section below.

Please note that if for some reason, you need to re-create a new API token, you will need to reconnect your Vincere account in Zapier with the new token. This API token is used to link your Zapier Account with Vincere Account so they can be integrated.

Step 5: Authenticate with your Vincere user login

Step 5: Verify the connection

Now click on ‘Test’ to verify the connection.

Once successfully connected, you can proceed to create your Zaps. 

Step 6:  Build your zaps

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to build a Zap.


1/ Your Zapier Integration is Tenant-based

This means that any zaps that you create which are linked to your Vincere account will be triggered (or actioned) across all users.

2/ When selecting Distribution Lists / Talent Pools:

Please note that at the moment, only Public Talent Pools/Distribution Lists are supported.

Here’s how you can check the settings inside Vincere:

On the Zapier side, when selecting Distribution List or Talent Pool, the numbers displayed next to the names of your Distribution List/Talent Pool refers to the ID (not the number of records).

3/ When picking a sample when setting up your zap (On Test step):

Please note that at the moment, you can only pull in default samples for Contact & Candidates provided like so: 

4/ The Triggers linked to Zaps only work in the ATS/CRM.

At the moment, Zaps are only triggered when a New Candidate & New Contact is added from the ATS dashboard (a page in Vincere with the list of candidates) and CRM dashboard (a page in Vincere with the list of contacts) respectively like so:

New Candidate added to Talent Pool in Vincere (Trigger 1)

New Contact added to Distribution List in Vincere (Trigger 2)


Need help?

If you have any problems in setting up a Vincere to Zapier integration or having issues to make your zaps work, please send your inquiry to with details on what Triggers/Actions you’re trying to achieve. Remember, we’re always here to help!

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