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Setup Zapier inside Vincere
Setup Zapier inside Vincere
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Go to Vincere Settings > Marketplace > Zapier. 

Click on the Setup tab > Enable Zapier & click on ‘Setup’

You’ll see a page like this:

Click on ‘Accept Invite & Build a Zap’.

Head over to the ‘My Apps’ tab & search for Vincere

Simply input API key and Tenant in the fields

Now, here’s where you connect your Vincere account.


This is asking for your Vincere Account URL, look at your browser:

All you need is this (your Vincere Site URL):

You do not include any "https://"

API Key:

Get the API Key from inside Vincere

Go to Settings > Marketplace > API 

You can find your API token is in the section below.

Please note that if for some reason, you need to re-create a new API token, you will need to reconnect your Vincere account in Zapier with the new token. This API token is used to link your Zapier Account with Vincere Account so they can be integrated.

Step 5: Authenticate with your Vincere user login

Verify the connection

Now click on ‘Test’ to verify the connection.

Once successfully connected, you can proceed to create your Zaps. 

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