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Quick Place Action
Quick Place Action

Quick place a candidate to help speed up placements

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Progressing candidates straight to the Placement stage with the new ‘Place’ action (without having to first shortlist the candidate to the job). This is ideal for the fast-paced contract/temp market. 

E.g. You have an active temp role exclusively where the client wants you to send a candidate (without interview) to start a role. With this update, you are able to instantly place a candidate into a role (bypassing the shortlist stage) in two ways:

  1. From the Candidate's screen:

2. From the Job's screen:

Once the candidate has been placed in the role, the placement details page opens up for the additional information to be added. Here we ensure that all required information is correct with the placement before selecting the actions drop down and then moving to the ‘placed stage’.

All done! 

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