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Document Expiry Management

Here's how you can set reminders for expired documents

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You can set up candidate document expiry dates and manage notifications inside Vincere to make sure that you are on top of your compliance requirements

Setting Document expiry dates

When Uploading documents

To set or edit the expiration date for a document when uploading a new document, you can simply go to the candidate profile and navigate to the file tab. From here, click the upload button to open and select files. This will open the drag and drop screen where you can select or drop the files you want to upload.

Once you've selected the files, it will allow you to set the Expiry date by clicking the date in the calendar window:

For Existing Documents

To set or edit the expiration date for an existing candidate documents, head over to the Files tab of a candidate’s profile and input the expiration date of the file. 

When Verifying documents

When you are the assigned Verifier of a document type, you can also access and edit the Expiry date field in the document verification screen.

To Verify a document, just select the file and choose the View l Verify documents option

To set up the document type verifiers, you just need to go to Settings >Admin Settings > Documents & checks > Select the Document type and click the Action icon to add the name of the verifier/s > Save

Email Reminders:

You may also want to schedule email reminders to yourself (or teammates) when these documents are due to expire, especially for visas, licences, and compliance forms. 

See below:

Set reminder date and users/teams to follow this file. Maximum 10 users/teams can be selected.

You can click on the team name tag to see the team members.

Email templates

To configure the template of the email reminders. 

Email Template Number



Candidate's document reminder


Deal's document reminder


Contact's document reminder


Job's document reminder


Company's document reminder

Go to Menu > Settings > Select Email Templates

Setting Expiry date as mandatory

You can set expiry dates as mandatory, by going to Settings > Admin Settings > Documents & checks > Select the Custom Document type and click the actions icon

From here, set the Set Expiry Date as required field value to Yes, then click Save.

From here, set the Set Expiry Date as required field value to Yes, then click Save.

Note: this will only work for custom fields. System default fields will not have this option.

Once you've set a document type's expiry date as mandatory, you can go to the Candidate Profile > Files Table > Expiry Date Column, a mandatory icon * is displayed when the Expiry Date is required, turning red if the field is mandatory and blank.

This will also be applied in File Library and in Candidate > Onboarding Doc Checks

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