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Approving timesheet(s) is a very important job. The approver is responsible for reviewing the time the employee worked during a period of time and given the permission to approve or reject the timesheet ✅

With TimeTemp you can choose to use one or two approvers, and this should be done when you make the placement inside Vincere. 

To set this up, you will need to configure two things when you make the placement:

  1. Add approvers

  2. Select the type of approver workflow (i.e whether it’s just one or both approvers required)

Add approvers

In the placement details page, look under TimeTemp - Timesheet:

If you need one approver only, make sure that the Primary Approver field is updated like so:

If you need two approvers, make sure that you have the Primary & Secondary Approver fields updated like so:

Selecting Approval required type:

All you need to do is pick one of the options below.

When all the required information is updated in the placement details page, you can go ahead to make the placement.

When you confirm the placement, you’ll see a pop-up like so:

This gives you an instant overview of who’s doing what and flags up any issues with emails. 

Once you hit ‘submit, TimeTemp access and notification emails will be automatically sent out to your approvers to notify them of their ‘superpowers’. They will see an email that looks something like this: 

If it is their first-time logging into TimeTemp, they will receive a separate email with login details like the below.

Can I change the approvers?

If you need to change up the approvers, you can do so any time by going back into the placement and updating the emails.

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