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How to configure candidate onboarding fields
How to configure candidate onboarding fields

Customize your onboarding process by creating your own fields. Here's how:

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You can add custom fields on the Onboarding tab, publish to the Candidate Portal, and give your candidates the power to update all these fields.

Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Create the custom fields

From Settings > Field Configuration > Candidate Field tab

To learn how to create a custom field, click HERE or see the gif moving image below:

2. Add the newly created custom field to the Engage Candidate Onboarding tab

The fields created in the field configuration settings will sync to your Engage Candidate Portal to allow you to add whatever fields you need.

You can add questions about bank account data, tax files, insurance numbers, etc. Prehire, post-hire and everything in between.

3. Publish to Candidate Portal

From Settings > Marketplace > Engagement Hub > Setup > Candidate Portal > Onboarding tab

Can I create Onboarding (or Compliance fields) by country?

Absolutely, and the best part is that these fields will be displayed in the Engage Candidate Portal (based on country too). If a candidate is based in Australia, the onboarding fields you set up for it will be shown.

Please note that you can define this using the Onboarding country selection in the candidate's profile as highlighted below:

Once the candidates update these fields in the Engage Candidate Portal, the information will be synced back to Vincere. Additionally, you will be able to search across these fields through the Advanced Search:

How to create onboarding fields by country?

To set the fields by country, make sure that you have selected the correct country on the panel on the left as highlighted in the image below:

Out of the box, we’ve already included default compliance fields for many different countries.

This is just one part of our onboarding feature stack. Our Onboarding capabilities include the following:

  1. Onboarding at the Application stage (Configurable candidate registration on the Engagement Hub)

  2. Custom Onboarding fields (publish to Candidate Portal)

  3. Set required documents & request candidates to upload them (via the candidate portal)

  4. Document Expiry Management (set reminders for expired docs)

  5. Profile & Doc Completion Status: Show Candidate show the percentage of profile completion

  6. Track document upload progress

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