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Analytics Update | Jun '19 ✨
Analytics Update | Jun '19 ✨

Brand new filter options added to your Goals & Fees Dashboard for enhanced reporting accuracies

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In this release, we've added more filter options for two key dashboards in your Analytics suite:

1. Goals Dashboard

New  'Activities By' filter:

  • Action User: these are activities created by users and applies for all activities 

  • Shortlisted User: these are activities created by the user who originally shortlisted the candidate and applies for activities related to the application only

2. Fees Dashboard

Following from our release in June (v12.10) where we introduced Home Currencies & Bank Spot Rates, and support up to 4 decimal places, here is where the updates really carries its weight. 

From the Fees Dashboard, you can now filter by  'Currency By':

  • Daily Spot Rate: this option runs the dashboard numbers and exchange rates based on the daily spot rate as available on 

  • Home Currency: this option runs the dashboard numbers and exchange rates based on Bank Spot rates you've specified per placement.

Many of our customers run international operations so this gives you the ability to view reports in a single currency that is always up-to-date whenever you need it, and help reconcile your General Ledger numbers across multiple currencies more accurately.

*Vincere's Daily Spot Rate is based on and it is automatically updated once a day.

Landed June '19 🚀

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