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Home Currency | Placements & Invoices

New Home Currency section | Add Bank Spot Rate to allow exact reporting on FX rates

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The Home Currency allows customers who have international operations to report in a single currency. Users can add the exact (up to 4 decimal places) currency conversion (Bank spot rate) from a foreign currency into their reporting currency, This allows their reporting to be exact, down to the last cent, pence, yen etc. 

Users can find this in every placement and invoice. This information pulls through to the Actual Fee Dashboard to allow users see the exact amounts and reconcile with their General Ledger accounting systems.

To set up your default home currency in Settings > Admin Settings  > General settings  > 10. Home Currency

Here's how it looks like in a placement:

    a. New section : Home Currency
    b. Set default Home Currency to allow exact reporting on FX rates
    c. Add Bank spot rate per placement or per invoice (up to 4 decimal places)

Hide the Home Currency

In case you don’t need to see the Home Currency option on the placement page or invoice, you can now turn this off. Just head to Settings > Admin Settings > 10. Home Currency > Disable the toggle.

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