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v12.10 June '19 Release | Core, Engage & Pay & Bill 🌟
v12.10 June '19 Release | Core, Engage & Pay & Bill 🌟

v12.10 Cool Enhancements to CRM / ATS, Middle / Back Office, Engagement Hub and Marketplace integrations: SEEK & SignRequest

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1 / SignRequest Enhancements (Stage 2 of 3)

    a. Additional configuration options:
        i. Select default Signatories
        ii. Enable automated workflows:
            • Once all signed, auto-move candidate to Placed stage
            • Auto-send Contract info to Accountant & Job Owner via email

     b. When sending offers:
        i. Easy-to-follow 4-step process:
            • Choose either to send email from SignRequest only or Vincere email only
            • Preview sequence of signatures
            • Preview and Edit offer
            • Send

    c. New table in Back Office to manage status of all SignRequest document

    d. Improved layout in Document builder for adding signatures to documents. 

Keen to get started? SignRequest 101 is here for you.

2 / SEEK Integration (*Private Beta)
    a. Post jobs to SEEK (up to 5 different locations per job per post)
    b. Ability to select advertisement type: Classic / StandOut / Both
    c. Choose Candidate Application setting:
        Candidates apply via SEEK / via the Engagement Hub
    d. Take actions on Job Post: Unpost, Edit, View
    e. Receive applications directly inside Vincere


3 / Upgraded Document Builder
    a. Enhanced formatting of paragraphs, lists & bullet points
    b. Enhanced rendering of tables & cells
    c. Improved spacing on page breaks
    d. Improved layout in Document editor in settings
    e. Overall improvement on the professional look and feel of documents

4 / Add Editor to Candidate Profile
    a. Executive Brief
    b. Work History in candidate profile
    c. Allows users to add tables in fields


5 / Candidate Portal
    a. New Setting to allow users to skip uploading Resume when logging in
    b. New Tab in profile: Other Information
        i. Personal company information (Company Name, Company Number)
        ii. Residence information
        iii. Visa information
        iv. Emergency Contact Information (Next of Kin)


6 / Compensation Page
    a. Layout improvements for Perm & Contract job
    b. True "System of record" capabilities:
        Comp page & placements can be viewed using 4 decimal places
    c. Moving towards a true system of record where accuracy is down
        to the last pence/cent/yen etc.

7 /  Compliance is now Onboarding plus we have added a new ESS (Employee Self Service) capability
    a. Users can create custom fields and publish to Candidate Portal
    b. Support multiple countries with multiple custom fields
    c. If fields are added to new Onboarding portal, users can search across these fields by country
    d. Onboarding can start at Candidate Submission, not just Offer / Placement

8 / Placements & Invoices (for larger customers)
    a. New section : Home Currency
    b. Set default Home Currency to allow exact reporting on FX rates
    c. Add Bank spot rate per placement or per invoice (up to 4 decimals)


9/ Validation of Emails in TimeTemp before Placements are made
    a. Removes issues around email duplication
    b. Ensures that all new users receive notifications at the same time

10/  Unapproved TimeSheets will now remove Sales & Purchase invoices from Vincere
​     Please note: Vincere checks that invoices approved, marked as sent or Sent will be deleted and TimeTemp cannot be unapproved.

11/  Ability to resend activation emails to new users from TimeTemp

12/ PTO Updates (Paid time off)
    a. Users can choose to take a full-day/ half-day or by hour
    b. If users choose hours, they can choose either "Full day" or ‘Part of Day’

13/  Unsubmitted Timesheets, users can now bulk select and mark as ‘Off’

14/ Auto logout WebApp: every 24 hours

*Private Beta: Project is in trial / beta mode, this feature will be released once trial is complete.


We’re sharing the information to outline Vincere’s general product direction. Please do not rely on this information in making decisions, as the development, release and timing of any products, features or functionality shall be made in Vincere’s sole discretion, and is subject to change.

Landed | Jun '19 🚀

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