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Parsing Candidates straight from an email
Parsing Candidates straight from an email
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Do clients or candidates send you emails with CVs/resumes attached? Good news!

You can create them as a brand new Candidate directly from your emails inside Vincere.

First head to emails from the sidebar menu.

Locate the email and then you click on the paper clip icon on the email. (This is so you can select/specify which file is the CV if there's more than one attachment)

Next click on the attachments link and select the CV

Once this is done, you can then close out the window (x) and click on Actions in the email menu.

From here you can select “Create Candidate”.

You will be greeted by the quick add form and a preview of the CV.

From the form, you can then choose to either parse the information from the CV or add in the details manually.

After completing the form, you can either Save or Save and View.

Nifty, right! #TheVincereWay 📧

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