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Vincere provides the ability to post job listings on the ‘Google for Jobs’ search engine

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To toggle this on you need to head up to your Engagement Hub Setup in Settings > Marketplace > Engagement Hub > Setup

In your Engage setup, look for the SEO tab.

  • SEO Guidelines - This will give you an overview of everything you can do to make your jobs stand out with Vincere

  • Google for Jobs - In this section, you can now decide how you want to integrate your Job Board directly with Google.

Make your web pages indexable - Your Job List, Job Detail & Job Application pages are all already Search Engine friendly i.e crawlable and indexed by Google.

NOTE: Turning this off will remove the indexability of your job posts. We recommend keeping this toggled on.

Include job posting structured data in your job listings - Toggle this on and every job you publish to the job board will be set up and presented to Google in line with their schema. For more info about the schema and properties, Vincere send to Google, see ‘Structured Data’

Update and use sitemaps to inform Google about changes to your postings - Toggle this on and Vincere will automatically send your sitemap to Google once a day.

Use Google Search Console to view analytics including clicks and impressions - Toggle this on to enable Google Search Console analytics on your Job Portal and reach out to Support so we can turn it on for you.

Don’t see any data? Please note that when you enable it for the first time, it takes 3-5 days for data to populate.

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