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Our mini update has landed and we've added a bunch of tweaks and enhancements to make Vincere better and easier for you 🎉

 Here's a quick rundown of the highlights:

✔ Retainer Invoicing 

✔ Compliance & On-boarding Documents

✔ CV auto-parsing | Broadbean & LogicMelon

✔ DaXtra Search

✔ Simplified timesheets & updates to Contract Renewals

✔ Updated Temp | Contractor Dashboard

 ✔ Additional enhancements to help improve data integrity

 Continue reading for the full release notes: 

  1. Profit Split

With profit splits, you can now enter the monetary value directly. Select between two modes: Numerical or Percentage

2. Retainer Invoicing

An enhanced feature for invoicing on Retainers: now, when you manually create an invoice, you can mark it as ‘Retainer invoice’ and set up the following:

  1. Currency

  2. Description (this will be reflected on the invoice)

  3. Rate

  4. Profit Split -  two modes: ‘Percentage’ or ‘Numerical’

3. Decimal Formatting

By default, Vincere invoices will always show decimals.  So, for our Asian customers in Japan and China,  this new option allows you to remove the decimals on rate and amount fields.

4. Cost of Sales

A new section in Placement details, you can now add items to account for Cost of Sales.

These items will then be added to the Purchase invoice when the invoice is automatically created e.g. sourcing fee related to the direct cost of making a placement: 

5. Improvements to Contract piece

  • No more overlapping renewals

We’ve put in checks to ensure that your renewed contracts do not have overlapping start/end dates. 

  • Simplified Timesheets | TimeTemp

To make submitting timesheets easy for users, TimeTemp will now join two separate contracts under one timesheet i.e. original contract and the corresponding renewal. This will also create 2 separate invoices and the pay rules of each contract will be auto-calculated for each invoice.

Here’s an example: 

Weekly timesheet - Start of week: Monday 

Contract 1: Finishes on Wednesday

Contract 2: Starts on Thursday

Your contractors and approvers only need to only submit/approve one timesheet across the two contracts. This makes the experience for users seamless.

Please note this feature will only apply for timesheets with the:

  • Same timesheet type: weekly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, monthly

  • Same week start

  • Same approvers (managers)

6. Temp & Contract Dashboards *Supercharged*

  • Report Data

We’re giving you more ways to slice and dice your Temp/Contract workforce. Breakdown your Temp | Contractors by Status AND Time OR Pay Interval:

  • Status: Active,Temp to Perm, Finished, Terminated 

  • Time period: Hour, Day, Week, Month 

  • Pay Interval: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, monthly

So you can see how much margin (profit) you making on all of your contractors / temps by hour, day, week or month, regardless of their pay interval.

Oh and we added the Purchase Order number from placements to the report too...

This will show on the "Temps | Contractors" Tab under "Report Data" sub tab.

  • My Stats

Also for consultants we have added a new dashboard to allow consultants to see a condensed version of Contractors and Temps dashboard. They can view this from the My Stats dashboard.

New personalised dashboard giving you a quick at-a-glance view of their Temp & Contract workforce.

7. Default Values for PTO in Compensation & Fees 

The ‘Working hours per week’ field will now be auto-calculated and pre-populate based on ‘Working hours per day’ X ‘working days per week’.

8. Request for On boarding documents 

Now, after shortlisting the candidate, you’re able to request for documents at any stage of the recruitment process.

This includes compliance or pre-employment paperwork like State or Federal Tax Forms, Skills/Personality Assessment, Credit History Reports and pre-hire background checks etc. A seamless and secure experience for your candidates.

9. Auto-parsing of CVs | Broadbean & LogicMelon

For every new CV that is retrieved from LogicMelon or Broadbean Vincere automatically parses it into your database making new candidates instantly searchable.

10. New Quick Add Actions

You can add Comments, Tasks & Meetings on-the-fly, anytime and anywhere you need it.

11. DaXtra Search x Vincere

From a Candidate or Job profile, you can now launch DaXtra search and match in one-click.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do from the Candidate’s profile:

✔ Find Jobs

This option allows you to search and find relevant jobs for this candidate quickly.

✔ More Like This

This allows you to find similar candidates in Vincere based on job title and skills.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do from the Job profile:

✔ Daxtra Search 

This opens the candidate search matching tool so you can match candidates to job quickly.

✔ Daxtra Match 

This opens the Vacancy Match tool based on Job Title.

Please note: This is available as an add-on in the Marketplace. For more information about our integration with DaXtra, please reach out to any of our support team via the Help Center.

To learn more about Daxtra, go to 

12. Improved Data Export 

Want to export timesheet info? Yes, now you can! 

We’ve also added more data for you in the CSV file:

  1. Placement date 

  2. Placed date

  3. Business number

  4. Company Billing Country

13. New Wildcards | Document Builder

You’ll be able to add the following wildcards when creating Sales Invoice templates:

  1. Placement date

  2. Placed date

  3. Business number

14. Couple of enhancements to improve overall data integrity in your database:

  • ‘End date’ for Temp & Contract job types is now a mandatory field when making placements. If you dont have an end date, put it in for an approx time you believe the contract will run for or an arbitrary 2-3 years. Without an end date, the analytics will be affected adversely. 

  • For Contact records, you can only add one primary phone number and one Email address. This due to the new messaging and SMS platform coming in Q1.. 

  • Inactive Job owners: Deactivated users will now be shown in Job, Candidate, Contact, Company Quick Views. 

That's it folks - we hope you enjoy these system enhancements designed to streamline your processes - happy billing & have a great Festive Period!  🎉

Team Vincere 🧡 

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