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How do interviews in Vincere work?
How do interviews in Vincere work?

Follow these steps to Interview Success βœ…

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When you schedule an interview for a candidate, there are 3 options you can take:

1. Move a candidate to interview stage

Moving a candidate to the first interview stage is super easy. You can either move the candidate and email the interview confirmation, or move the candidate without sending the confirmation and schedule the interview later by creating a meeting and sending the invitation. To find out how to send a meeting / interview invite to your candidates click HERE

Best practice here for a seamless experience would be to move the candidate to the 1st interview stage and then to schedule an interview afterwards.

On the move to the next stage dropdown you can select 1st interview stage then when prompted to schedule an interview now, select no. You can then proceed with the two actions below.

2. Send interview info & await confirmation

This action will send out an email to the candidate and wait for their confirmation before you can complete the interview. You can also select whether you would like to send out an email (automatically) to the client after your candidate accepts the scheduled interview.

*note If you select this option but untick the checkbox for sending out an email to the candidate - this prevents Vincere from sending the confirmation email and in turn the system gets stuck without the option to complete the interview (because it's waiting for a Candidate confirmation).

3. Send info & confirm interview

This action will send out an email to the candidate and confirm the interview immediately. This is mostly used for candidates that you are sure will be able to make the scheduled interview time or if confirmation was already given in advance (through a phone call, email etc.)

4. Completing an interview

After the interview day, you can now complete the interview and add in your notes. If the interview hasn't yet happened or you'd like to reschedule simply hit the orange reschedule button > enter the new time and you're good to go.

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