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This release is all about automation and helping you make more placements with less work

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We’ve added a bunch of new features to help you make more placements with less work - that's handy, right? So keep on reading to see what’s in store for you this release.

Candidate-to-Job Auto-matching ⭐️

 Let Vincere do the heavy lifting for you. Match Candidates to Job at the click of a button.

Now when you create a new job, or when you’re on a job profile, you’ll see the ‘Auto-match candidates’ option:

This is the string that the auto-match feature uses:

 (Skills: Keywords, Keyword) OR (Candidate Keywords: Keyword,Keyword) AND (Industry: Keyword) AND (Functional Expertise: Keyword) AND (Sub-functional expertise: Keyword) OR (Text: Job title, Skills, keyword) OR (Job Title: Job Title) AND (Address(Current address): City))

The great thing is that you can further extend or modify the search string, so you get a list of best-matched candidates.

Want to learn more about Auto-matching and the mechanics of how it works? Check out this article here (How does Auto matching work?)

​ 🔥PRO TIP: Make sure all your candidates are tagged and coded correctly as this improves the accuracy of the auto-match results.

Stage | Status Columns 📊

The Stage | Status column is now split into two separate columns: “Stage” & “Status”.

 This allows you to view and filter by Stage and/or Status to segment and take action quickly.

Last Activity Date 🚀

Now, you’ll be able to see last candidate activity in the ATS (CRM coming Q4). Simply add the Last Activity Date column and you’ll know:

  • Last activity date and time

  • What the last activity was: last comment, meeting, task, email sent/received, last ATS action

  • Who actioned it

 There's also a new custom column too to filter down - both in the Candidate table and Advanced Search. 

Auto-create Formatted CVs 😁

When a new candidate is added into Vincere, a formatted CV is automatically generated for you - beautifully formatted and ready for use.

 This happens when:

  1. A new candidate record is created via Quick Add

  2. A new candidate registers on your Candidate Portal

  3. A new candidate is added using Velocity

⁉️‘Where can I find the CV?’

Open the new Candidate’s profile > File. Look for Formatted CV. Voila.

New LinkedIn Tab 🚨

View your Candidate's & Contact's LinkedIn profiles from Quick View

Updates to Engagement Hub 🌍

Header Settings

Instead of using Banner images, you can hide the header section and decide which pages it should apply on.

It will look something like this:

Footer Settings

  • If you don’t want to use a footer, you can hide it entirely. 

  • You can also use a colour block instead of a footer image by selecting a background colour.

SEO Console |  Page Titles & Descriptions (Meta Tags)

We’ve added the ability to define the Meta tags of the following pages on your Job Portal with our built-in SEO console.

  1. Job List

  2. Job Details

  3. Job Application

For more information about this, check out this article to learn more.

Updated Help Center 🤗

 Now, you can start a conversation with our superstar support team via the Help Center, and get the answers you need in a snap so you get back to what matters most: billing.

If you need to reach out to us, here’s how:

Menu > Help Center > Click on the conversation widget (bottom-right). 

Please include as much detail as possible in your first message including screenshots where possible - this will help us to resolve your issue faster 👍🏼

As always, we’re keen to hear any comments and/or feedback. Feel free to reach out to reach out to #TeamVincere via the Help Center and we'd love to talk to you! 

Thanks for joining us on this journey, enjoy the update! 🧡 #TheVincereWay

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