This is super simple. Once you've got your template setup simply head to a Candidates profile > Actions > Format Resume. Vincere will pull across the details from the fields in the Candidate profile and auto populate onto your new template. 

You can then make any final last minute changes directly in this window e.g. some editing or maybe adding in some extra details about the Candidate. Once you're happy just hit Save As > give it a name and you're good to go! 

Your shiny new formatted resume will appear in the Candidates profile under the Files tab. 

Alternatively, you can also format resumes directly when adding in new Candidates to Vincere. Just head to Quick Add > Candidate > Choose a Resume and click Format CV. 

Here you can edit the CV for instance taking out the name and once you're happy hit save and create the new Candidate.

Vincere will then save both resumes to the Candidates profile; the original CV and the shiny new formatted CV. 

🔥PRO TIP: You can even copy the entire content of the Candidates resume into Vincere's formatting tool. Vincere (where possible) will attempt to keep the formatting and then all you need to do is add your branding and delete the Candidates personal details.

It's the same process as above but just make sure to select 'Add a content of a resume' > choose the resume and then it'll auto pull the resume across - super easy and super cool!

🔥PRO TIP: To find out how to create a formatted resume template using the document builder, check out this article here

Our new formatted resume tool makes automation even easier - and will save your consultants valuable time so they can start making more placements 🤟#TheVincereWay

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