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⛔️**WARNING** Prepare to be impressed...

Hey there 👋

We’ve just dropped a huge update here at Vincere and we’re dubbing it the ‘Infinity Release’ (because it’ll take you all the way to infinity and beyond, it’s that cool!) 🚀

There are lots to expect this in the new version and we’re super excited to share what’s coming so go on, grab a cuppa and let’s jump right in ☕. 


Dealing with Temp or Contract workers? This shiny new addition is one you’ll love.

Say goodbye to calling up candidates one-by-one to check whether they’re available for bookings - it’s time to get automated. 

Send ‘Request availability’ emails to candidates in bulk (up to 200 at a time) and get your candidates to update their availability online on a fully-branded page. Their availability feeds back - in real time - to Vincere for you to see available workers at a glance instantly from the ATS pages. 

You can then filter candidates by availability (this week, next week) and send workers, with the right skills to the right jobs effortlessly. 

Candidate On-boarding

We appreciate that important and sensitive information needs to be collected from candidates and provided to your clients so, here’s what we’ve done to help you streamline the on-boarding process:

  1. Request On-boarding documents 

Once a placement is made, you can request candidates to upload the required documents e.g. driving licences, or visas - anything you want!

All your Candidates have to do is click on a link in the email and they will be taken to their very own personal Candidate Hub. This is a secure and fully branded portal where they an easily access and upload their documents (p.s. you can specify the documents types required, what you need from candidates is entirely up to you, keep on reading...)

2. Customize and specify document types

From the Job’s profile, you’ll see a new ‘Onboarding documentation’ tab. From here, you’ll be able to specify the types of documents required for on-boarding. This requirement is communicated directly to your Candidates personal portal. Your candidates will know exactly where to go and what to do.

So if you need special compliance documents like audit I-9 and W-4 forms, driver’s licenses or even their dog’s or cat's birth certificate (only if you really, really must), simply add it as an item on the list.

3. Set automated reminders to your Candidates 

Set the intervals you’d like Vincere to send out reminders for you directly to your Candidates. Vincere will send the reminders until your Candidates/Employees have uploaded the required documents. 

You can set this up by going to Settings > Admin Settings > Reminder for Employees/Contractors. 

4. View Onboarding Status 

A new table column: ‘on-boarding Status’ has been added in the ATS. This means you’ll be able to quickly see and filter which Candidates are still required to upload documents and who you need to chase up/who is ready to start work. 

5. All files in one place

All uploaded files will be easily accessible in the File tab of every candidate’s profile.

You’ll also be able to search for files in the File Library in the Onboarding Stage of the ATS.

Engagement Hub - Client Portal

Little did we know that what started out as a simple jobs page for our customers could lead to the dawn of a new dimension, the Engagement Hub. We’ll share more about this in the coming weeks but for now, let’s unveil what we have in store for your clients - the Client Portal.

The Client Hub breaks barriers and fosters collaboration between you and your clients. Give your clients one seamless hiring experience:

  1. Clients can view all their open jobs, Candidates and Contractors

2. Clients can view and download candidate documents

You're in full control here and only you decide what your clients get to see. From the File tab, simply select the checkbox against the documents they need access to. Vincere makes the file available for them to view and download on the Client Hub instantly.

3. Submit Vacancies

A new job gets automatically created inside Vincere whenever your client fills out the ‘Submit a job’ form and you’ll receive an in notification in real-time.

GDPR Compliance

Compliance isn’t just a one-time data fix, it’s an ongoing project. GDPR matters to you as long as you are working with citizens from the EU, and the secret sauce to compliance lies in our upgraded Candidate Portal.

There are several elements to our approach to this new regulation: ranging from how your data is processed through to the management of opt-ins from Candidates. Tracking and reporting on consent is going to be important so we've upgraded our Candidate Portal and are also introducing a new GDPR dashboard as part of your compliance toolkit. 

Here’s a high-level overview of the key functionalities and automation you can expect:

  1. New privacy section in each candidate’s profile 

2. New multi-select field to track Consent Status: Unknown | Pending | Consent given | Withdrawn | To be forgotten

3. Audit-ready activity logs: see timestamp of every interaction 

4. Send bulk outreach emails to seek Consent

5. Candidates can request to be forgotten

Candidates can request for their data to be deleted from within their account. Upon request, you will be sent a notification via email to perform the necessary steps inside Vincere.

6. Candidate can Withdraw Consent

Consent needs to be granular meaning it needs to cover the various jobs you will be representing the candidate for and use candidate's data. From the jobs applications page on the Candidate portal, candidates can easily withdraw consent per job.

GDPR Dashboards

We’ve introduced a brand new dashboard to help you track compliance over time: 

  1. Consent to Keep

  2. Consent to Send / Represent

✔ Get an at-a-glance view of the candidates that have given you consent by month

✔ Track compliance levels over time

✔ Ability to filter by consultants & locations

✔ Drill into data to identify deleted records- what has been deleted who did it and when?

✔ Align to KPIs – give your consultants compliance goals and track performance

For more details on our GDPR tools, check out the article here

MailChimp Integration

MailChimp lets you send personalised, well-targeted emails to your Candidates and Contacts. In the coming release, you’ll be able to export Talent Pools and Distribution Lists into MailChimp from inside Vincere.

Check out the help article here for info on how this works in Vincere.

Groups, Brands & Teams

Configure Vincere to match your company's structure. Brands, divisions and teams - we’ve got all your business units covered.

Simply head over to Settings to create and manage Groups.

Document Builder updates (more wildcards) + Brands

4 things you need to know:

1. Additional wildcards

Pick from a library of wildcards and use them across all your email templates. You can view the Wildcards here

2. Brands

Manage multiple brands? The new Doc builder allows you to create brand-specific templates.

3. Format original resume

Oh & if you’d just like to pull contents of the original resume into the doc builder, just select ‘add content of a resume’. Vincere does all the hard work and seamlessly adds the content of the resume (formatting included) and then it’s up to you you can edit as you wish - it's super cool! 

4. Edit and save on-the-fly

From the Files tab of a Candidate’s profile,  you now have the power to edit the documents whenever you'd like. Click on ‘Edit this document’, format and edit as you wish, hit ‘Save’ to overwrite or ‘Save As’ if you’d like to save a new version of the edited CV. 

For more details on Document Builder, check out the article here

Updates to Search (saved search)

If you frequently search for the same search strings in Vincere, you can save time by creating saved searches in Advanced Search mode.

All you have to do is simply create your search and hit on the little green ‘save’ icon in the search bar. 

To load your saved searches, just click on the ‘Save’ icon and click on the search you wish to load.

*Shiny New* Help Center

Besides supporting you, our beloved Vincere-uns, the team has been hard at work on a top-secret project for the past few months now. Drum roll please... 🥁

Our brand new Help Center is designed for specially for you. We want to ensure that you get the very most out of Vincere, no matter which time zone you live in. So, we have re-invented all our support materials to make navigating and getting answers to your questions an even easier experience for you with our new Help Center.

Through the Help Center you can:
✅Browse our help articles
✅Get practical Vincere know-hows
✅View recommended best practices and top tips
✅Release notes and insights
✅Freebies for your Engagement Hubs
✅Arrange private training 

The Help Center will be a growing and evolving resource for our customer community. We’ll be adding more and more as time goes on so be sure to check back often! 

You can also help us grow and develop the Help Center so feel free to send us suggestions for new articles that will be helpful for you.

Other notable updates:

File Library 

All candidate files are easily accessible from the Onboarding Stage. One centralised place for everything.

Mandatory Fields in Candidate Summary

From the Candidate Config Tool, you can now set mandatory fields. 

Improved UI for Admin/user settings

We’ve tidied up the user interface for a cleaner look and feel. You’ll see 3 main categories under Admin Settings now: General settings, Email | LinkedIn Settings and system Preferences

Phew 😅,  that was a long update! But you know what, all these is just a prequel to what’s coming in the NEXT release. All the features we’ve added in this version are just a stepping stone for what’s more to come, and we literally cannot wait 😍

⁉️If you have any more questions on this release, check out our Infinity FAQs page here ⁉️

We hope you’ll enjoy this new version of Vincere and if you’ve got any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us. We'd love to hear from you! 

We're always innovating to be the best. Remember.. winning is everything and in recruitment.. you don't get paid for coming second place. 

Start winning with Vincere. 👑 #TheVincereWay

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