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Vincere allows you to seamlessly share information across your company and measure your team’s performance. This improves your company’s efficiency, gives you unique insights into your company’s strengths and weaknesses, and drives forward innovation. What’s not to love?

1. On the homepage, select ‘Settings’ (in the bottom left-hand corner) and then ‘User Management’.

2. Click ‘Add new user’.

3. Fill out all the fields with a red asterisk next to them. Make sure you put the email address of the colleague that you’re inviting in the ‘Email’ field – and remember that you don’t need to enter a password to add a new user. After you’ve filled out all the compulsory fields, press ‘Save’.

Note: you can change new users’ site permissions by selecting the ‘Permissions’ tab. For more info on user permissions and what they mean, check out the article here 

The new user will receive an email containing their Vincere login details and can also discover all that Vincere has to offer.

Note: If you're at the maximum numbers of users for your current subscription, head over to this article for guidance on how to add new licences.

Exciting times ahead #TheVincereWay 😌

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