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Key features of TimeTemp for Recruiter Admins

View timesheets

As a recruiter admin, you can view the timesheets of all the candidates your agency has placed into roles, no matter which consultant made the placement. You can view:

Submitted - these have been submitted, but need action by the manager

Unsubmitted - these are overdue and need submitting by the candidate

Approved - these have been submitted, and approved by a manager 

Rejected - these have been submitted, and rejected by a manager

NOTE: You will have read-only access on these timesheets - ie you can view them, but you do not have the ability to change the timesheets or approve/reject them from here.

To view the timesheets, simply choose the tab from the homepage, and you will see a list of the timesheets. You can click into the timesheet you want to view to access it.

View leave requests

To view leave requests, click into the leave requests tab. You can see the details of the leave request, including the reason for leave and whether it is approved or not, by clicking the arrow on the right hand side. 

View jobs 

To view the jobs that everyone at your agency has placed candidates at, click on the jobs icon on the left hand side. You can then see a list of jobs - click into a job to view the job details.

View contracts

To view all the contracts that everyone at your agency has placed using TimeTemp, click on the contracts icon on the left hand side. You will then see a list of contracts - click into a specific contract to view the full details.

View companies

To view the companies that everyone at your agency has placed candidates at, click on the companies icon on the left hand side. You will see a list of companies, along with details of how many employees and timesheets are linked to each company. You can then click into the company to see the list of candidates who are placed there.

Tracking Projects

Add a recruiter, you can view and create projects on Pay & Bill - this could be to separate assignments at the companies, or to allocate the employees’ time to a certain project they are working on.

To do this, go to the projects tab on the left hand side of Pay & Bill. Then press the green Add Project button, and add the details of the project. What this means for your employees is that they would be able to submit a timesheet & link it to the project. 

Once submitted, you can view how many hours have been worked towards that project, have reports sent to your email about who has contributed and how many hours, or export the report by PDF - meaning you can make sure the project is always on track.

View and access users

As a recruiter admin, you can access the user profiles of each of the candidates that everyone at your agency has placed into contracts, each of the managers who manage those candidates, and each of the recruiters at your agency. This will log you in so that you can perform the same actions that they can (see articles here, here and here for how to work TimeTemp for recruiters, employees and managers).

NOTE: You should only use this feature if it is agreed with your client that you can amend their manager’s/employee’s timesheets.

To view the users, click on the management tab on the left hand side. You can then choose whether to view recruiters, employees or managers from the drop down menu. To access the user, click the green View As User button.

When you are logged in as one of your users, you will see this message at the bottom of the screen:

Management configuration & settings

As a recruiter admin you have the ability to configure parts of TimeTemp for your agency.

Custom email - Configure the welcome email and timesheet reminder email that your candidates receive

Naming conventions - The labels for recruiter / manager / employee can be edited

Email log - a log of automatic system emails sent from all users

Audit log - a log of system activities by all users

Widget - edit the widget that can be added to your website to link direct to Pay & Bill

Doorclock - Manage timeclock devices

Data Import - Timesheet import Function

To access these management tools, click into the management tab.

Company admins

A company admin is a manager at a company who has the ability on Pay & Bill to perform more actions than managers. See full details of what they can do in section 8 of this article here

It is up to you as the agency to give company admin permission to the contact. You can do that from the contact profile on Vincere - click on the little clock icon next to their name, and select Company Admin.

Recruiter Admin VS Recruiter

You may have noticed there are lots of similarities between TimeTemp for Recruiters, and TimeTemp for Recruiter Admins. The main key difference is that for Recruiters:

  • You do not have permission to configure TimeTemp settings.

  • You can only view and access the details of timesheets, employees, managers, jobs, contracts, and companies that you as a consultant have placed. 

Data Import

We have added the ability to import timesheets into TimeTemp from the recruiter admins access. When a recruiter admin logs into TimeTemp, click management settings and they will be able to see a tab for Data import.

For a more detailed guide on how these feature works and how best to us it, please check out the article below:

Vincere Timetemp: Timesheet import | Help Center


To view the FAQs & see how to troubleshoot errors with TimeTemp for Candidates / Employees click here

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