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Everything you need to know about Pay & Bill for Employees

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Submit timesheets

To submit a timesheet, press the add button in the top right-hand corner of your TimeTemp homepage, and select Add Timesheet.

Select the correct time period, select the checkbox on the left to select the days worked, and input the hours worked and breaks taken.

DID YOU KNOW 💡: To save time, you can input the hours for the first day, then press copy to replicate these hours on the other days of the week quickly.

Input any allowances or expenses, attach any necessary documentation, and click submit. It’s as simple as that - your timesheet is now on its way to your manager for approval.

Submit Expense Report

To submit an Expense Report, press the add button in the top right-hand corner of your TimeTemp homepage, and select Add Expense Report.

Here, you can name your Report and start adding claims.

Make sure you add as much information as possible to your claim. Including date, price, and a description. You can even upload an image, i.e. restaurant receipt

Once you are happy, click Submit Expense Report.

Submit leave requests

To submit a leave request, press the add button in the top right-hand corner of your TimeTemp homepage, and select Request Leave.

Select the dates you’d like to request, then press Apply for Leave. Choose the leave type from the options, input the reason, and press submit. 


  • Vacation = Annual leave

  • Holiday = Public/Bank holidays

  • Sick = Sickness days

View outstanding timesheets 

If a timesheet isn’t submitted on time, then it will show in the “unsubmitted timesheet” tab. Pay & Bill (TimeTemp) will send out an email reminder to you when a timesheet is overdue reminding you to submit it - this will happen either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly depending on your company’s process.

If you’ve downloaded the Pay & Bill App, you’ll get a ping to submit your timesheets too.

Resubmit rejected timesheets

If a timesheet is rejected, you’ll receive all notifications via email. It will also appear in the Rejected Timesheet tab. Click into the timesheet - under the Timesheet Activities tab to see the reason the manager has input for rejecting. Press the edit icon in the top right corner, make the necessary amendments, and click submit.

The updated timesheet is now back on its way to the manager for re-approval.  

View approved timesheets

To view all your timesheets that have been approved by your manager, go to Timesheet Activities > Approved


If you are working on a particular project, or multiple projects for your employer, they may request that your timesheets reflect this. Your manager will set up the projects, but it is up to you to submit timesheets against the correct project.

To do this, when submitting your timesheet, press Log Time. Choose the correct project, select the number of hours and press Add.

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