By default, if you’re a Administrator in Vincere, you’ll be automatically assigned as a Recruiter Admin user in TimeTemp. You can change this permission by going to Vincere Settings > User Management > Permissions > and then 5.Time Temp. 

As a Recruiter Admin, you get superpowers to configure the global settings and see everything that goes on inside TimeTemp. 

Let’s start by going into Management. You can do a couple of things here:

  • The Configuration tab is where you can customize Welcome and timesheet reminder emails. 
  • Email Logs allows you to see all emails by type and status.
  • Audit logs allows you to see who did what and when.
  • The Users tab allows you to see all employees, managers and recruiters. This includes the ability to view TimeTemp as a specific user. To do that, simply click the ‘View as user’ link.
  • Widget - this is a handy widget if you want to link TimeTemp on your website. All you have to do is configure the look here and grab the code to link TempTemp on your website. This makes TimeTemp easily accessible for your employees and managers.

Everything you want to see is easily accessible using the menu. Regardless of which page you’re at inside Time Temp, you can see all Submitted timesheets, Unsubmitted timesheets, Approved and Rejected timesheets, all Employees and all companies all you have to do is click and jump into the category you want to see.

One last thing about capabilities as Recruiter Admin, you can submit timesheets on behalf of employees and approve them using Quick Add. To do this, go to Unsubmitted timesheets, select the timesheet you want to action on and hit ‘Quick Add’. Fill out the timesheet and click on ‘Approve’. There you go, job easily done.

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