Welcome to Time Temp for Employees. Submitting your timesheets is super easy, here’s how:

See the green add icon here, click into it.

Use the checkbox to select the days you worked, input shifts, indicate your start and end time, and leave or holidays if any. You can even add notes too.

To save time, one super handy feature is using the copy shifts tool. Just select the days you want to copy the shift into and click ‘copy’. 

Add any allowances or expenses if you need to or click on upload here to attach any additional documents.

When you’re ready, simply click on ’Submit’ or you can choose to save as draft and come back later to submit it. 

Clicking on submit sends your timesheet over to your manager who will receive a notification to approve your timesheets. Once your timesheet is approved or rejected, you’ll be notified via email and see it reflected on the dashboard here. 

It’s really that easy! 

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