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January ’24 Release I Vincere Intelligence (I24.1.1.0)
January ’24 Release I Vincere Intelligence (I24.1.1.0)
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Released: 28th January 2024

Version: I24.1.1.0

Drill-down your reports by Consultant’s Branch

Our new drill-down filter allows you to explore and compare data based on Consultant’s Branches. You’ll find the new Branch filter in the following dashboards: User Engagement, Goals, Fees, Job Stats, Future Fees, and Invoices.

Whether you’re analyzing performance, tracking growth, or identifying trends, this new filter will empower you with granular level of control, ensuring you extract the most relevant insights.

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Gain a more detailed and insightful overview of fee distribution and empower your consultants with a clearer understanding of their earnings.

Split Information Toggle: Amounts vs. Percentages

When it comes to analyzing your data, flexibility is key. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce a brand-new toggle feature in the Fees dashboard that lets you switch between viewing Consultant’s split information either as amounts or percentages.

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The addition of percentage information alongside the amount ensures a more nuanced analysis, allowing for better-informed decision-making and financial planning.

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