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Report V54 June ‘23 Release | Vincere Intelligence
Report V54 June ‘23 Release | Vincere Intelligence
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  1. Monitor your KPIs daily.

    Do you want to monitor consultants’ performance vs target, on a specific single date? Now you can! Head towards to the Goals dashboard, open the date filter, and select the daily mode.

    You are now able to select specific dates and track consultants’ results on any dates you’d like!

  2. Filter Booked Fees by Placed Date.

    In the Booked Fees dashboard, we’ve added a 3rd option (Placed Date) to the Date Type filter to enable customers to allocate the placements revenue on the exact date a placement was made.

  3. TV Dashboard: New Tax Filter.

    We’ve implemented a Tax filter, in the TV dashboard, with the option to either exclude the tax (the default option) or include the tax in the calculation of the fees coming from retainers.

  4. Choose your own date format.

    To improve your experience when using Intelligence, the dates shown in the dashboards will be in the exact format you’ve selected in your own user settings.

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