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What is VXT, how to get started, and where to go for support

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What is VXT?

VXT is a cloud-based VoIP phone system. Sync your calls and notes with Vincere to help you mitigate risk and win more placements.

How does the VXT integration work?

VXT's integration allows you to receive a call through the desktop or web app, or make a call by utilizing click-to-call directly from Vincere.

Your Vincere contacts are synced with VXT, so you will always know who is calling.

Whilst in a call, you can transcribe or record the call and make notes about the call. Automatically save these notes against the candidate in Vincere to save time and mitigate risk. Notes added in VXT's platform will sync against the 'Activities' tab in Vincere.

If someone new is calling, you can create a new Vincere contact from within VXT in addition to saving information from the call.

How can customers get started with VXT?

To get started, book a demo of VXT HERE.

Need support?

Reach out to the VXT team at info@vxt.co.nz

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