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Volcanic: How to post a job to Volcanic
Volcanic: How to post a job to Volcanic
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After setting up your Volcanic integration in the marketplace, you can start posting jobs to your linked Volcanic website. To post a job, just follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Vincere as an end user (no need to have Admin role)

  2. Click on JOBS

  3. Select a job

  4. From Action panel > in the JOB ACTION section, click on POST

  5. Switch to PUBLIC

  6. On the Volcanic tab, click on POST

  7. The JOB PREVIEW will open on the screen

  8. Review all the Vincere x Volcanic mapped fields setup in Marketplace under the Job Preview panel.

  9. You can also edit the data value to send to Volcanic

  10. Once you're happy with the info, click on POST

  11. You will be able to see the Status of the Job Posting and if there’s an issue, the error message will show.


  1. The data shown in the Data Value column comes from the corresponding Vincere fields on the job’s profile page in Vincere.

  2. Edited Data Value on the Job Preview page won’t sync back to Vincere

  3. If users want the field value to be consistent in Volcanic and Vincere then the job’s details need to be updated in Vincere before posting the job

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