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Volcanic: How to enable your Volcanic integration in Vincere
Volcanic: How to enable your Volcanic integration in Vincere
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After you receive confirmation that your site has been set up in Volcanic, you can enable the Vincere and Volcanic Integration. This will allow you to post jobs from Vincere, directly to your Volcanic site.

To enable the integration, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Vincere using an Admin account

  2. Click on SETTINGS

  3. Click on MARKETPLACE

  4. Look for the Volcanic tile in the Marketplace

  5. Click on SETUP tab

  6. Toggle on Enable Volcanic

  7. Fill out all mandatory fields: (API Key and API URL will be provided by Volcanic team after they set up your site)

    1. Volcanic Name: name of the Volcanic site

    2. Volcanic API Key:

    3. Volcanic End Point: This is the API URL provided to you by the Volcanic team.(copy the URL of the API, including the https://)

  8. Click on Connect

    After this is completed, you can then proceed to map the fields in the integration. Click here for the next step.

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