Opening idibu inside Vincere

In this article we'll walk you through the steps required to sync your Vincere vacancy with idibu for advert posting.

What if I don't have an idibu user profile yet?

Syncing your first vacancy with idibu will automatically create an idibu user profile for you.

When you post your first advert, we'll simply ask you for a few more details to complete your profile.

Syncing your Vincere vacancy with idibu to post out your advert

1. Inside Vincere go to your vacancy list and click on the vacancy you wish to post as an advert.

2. From the Actions tab> Click on “Post”

3. Click on “Public” and select Idibu below. Click on “Post”

4. Once you clicked on “Post” you will see idibu open in a new tab and start to sync with your vacancy. This will extract the vacancy details ready to use in your advert posting. The process only takes a few seconds, after which you are now ready to post out your advert.

5. You are now ready to post your advert, and will be able to access the idibu tab inside your vacancy at any time.

You may also refer to this video for more information: Posting Jobs on Idibu

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