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Settings - Integration: Google Tag Manager | Vincere Portals
Settings - Integration: Google Tag Manager | Vincere Portals
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This article is relevant only for customers with access to the Google Tag Manager feature on the Vincere Portals (Digital) product.

By adding your Google Tag Manager (GTM) ID and the GTM widget to your Portals, the GTM <script> code snippet will be placed in the <head> of your web page and the <noscript> code snippet will be placed after the <body> tag.

To see what data is being passed to the data layer and what events triggered the data exchanges, use Tag Assistant Debug mode.

To set up Google Tag Manager, go to the Admin dashboard > Settings > Integrations

  1. Enable Google Tag Manager

  2. Add your GTM code on the field (GTM-XXXXXX)

3. After adding the GTM ID, proceed to the Customizer > Job Portal

4. In the Main Content area, add the widget 'Google Tag Manager'

5. Toggle OFF the override mode to add the widget to all pages on Digital

6. Specify what triggers you want GTM to track.

Common triggers on the job listing page are Page View, Button and Jobs.

For more configuration for your tags, triggers, and variables, check out what's available in Google Tag Manager here.

7. After saving, you will find the Google Tag Manager in the widgets section.

Click 'Publish' when you are ready to make the changes live.


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