What is Recii?

Recii is a conversational AI platform that allows you to screen and assess more candidates without sacrificing on quality. Using an innovative AI voicebot, Recii engages with and screens candidates in a channel that suits them! Recii functions with voice input, WhatsApp, WebChat and texts.

Here's how the integration works:

  • When viewing a Job in Vincere, users can create and manage Recii campaigns via an iframe.

  • From within the iframe, a user can select a Vincere application stage and all Candidates that are at that stage will be automatically engaged by Recii.

  • Candidate engagements can be seen and managed via iframes on either the Vincere Job or the Vincere Candidate profile.

A quick demo of Recii:

For an overview of how to run a Recii campaign in Vincere, visit this link.

How to get started:

To set up your Recii account, reach out to hello@recii.io.

Need support for the integration?

Reach out to Recii's team at support@recii.io.

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