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Introducing Break Time Tracking & Compliance Docs for TimeTemp

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1/ *New* Break Time Tracking

With the brand-new Break Time Tracking feature, Employees will be able to enter break details on their shifts.

Now Employees can track working time more accurately - even if they take multiple breaks.

a. You can enable Break Time Tracking for Jobs or Job Templates: just go to Pay & Bill Settings, open the template and switch the toggle under the Vincere Pay & Bill tab.

  • Set the toggle off to keep the same UI as before.

  • Set the toggle on to enable tracking.

    • Employees can add multiple breaks.

    • All break times will be summed up and added in timesheet details.

b. Now there’s a “Break” column in timesheet tables where Employees can enter info:

  • If they click “Add Break,” a pop-up will let them enter more details.

  • They can also add in multiple breaks:

c. If Employees enter invalid times, they’ll see an error message.

  • When a break has no clock in / clock out times:

  • When break times overlap:

  • When a break is less than 1 minute:

  • When a break is outside the scheduled shift time:

  • When a break is longer than the scheduled shift:

d. TimeTemp Mobile now works the same way. Employees can add break times and will get the same error messages as in the desktop version:

e. Both Managers and Employees view break details on timesheets for full transparency:

  • In the timesheets table

  • And on timesheet PDFs

f. In the Shift Scheduler, hover over the calendar to see break details.

g. In the mobile app, tap on any Shift break to get the same info.

2/ *New* Compliance Docs for TimeTemp

We’re setting up your one-stop management shop with the new Compliance Docs feature.

Now you’ve got the power to kickstart employee onboarding directly from TimeTemp.

a. Easily access any documents from the new Compliance Docs menu:

b. Employees can go to this table to view requested documents & quickly upload files:

c. Click on any of the docs for a pop-up preview:

d. Employees can take different actions based on doc status:

  • Status: “Not Submitted”

    • Employees can upload a document.

  • Status: “Pending Verification” OR “Rejected”

    • Employees can replace the document.

    • When you reject a document and add a note, Employees will see it under Verification Status:

  • You can also add a note to a Verified document:

e. On the Shift Scheduler dashboard, you can check out an overview of Employees’ compliance documents.

  • The buttons next to each Employee’s name tell you more. The button’s “fractions” show number of documents uploaded vs. number of documents requested.

  • Buttons are also color-coded by status:

    • Grey: No documents requested

    • Red: Documents requested but none uploaded

    • Yellow: Some requested documents have been uploaded

    • Blue: All requested documents have been uploaded

  • Click any of the buttons to view a pop-up message with details about available documents:

  • If you’re on the move, check out the new mobile menu for Compliance Documents.

    • On the Dashboard:

  • And on the Side Menu:

f. When Employees go into the Compliance Docs menu in the mobile app, they can see a list of all their docs.

  • Employees can tap on one from the list to see details.

  • Then a preview of the document will display:

  • Employees can also tap on requested documents that haven’t been uploaded yet…

  • …and upload directly from Mobile.

3/ Updated Controls for Time Zone

With this update, changes to Time Zone settings can only be made from inside Vincere.

  • For Recruiter:

Go to User Settings > Timezone

  • For Candidate / Employee / Worker:

Go to Placement of the Candidate > Candidate Details > timezone

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