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Setting up Onboarding Documents for Candidate Portal
Setting up Onboarding Documents for Candidate Portal

How to setup the onboarding documents in Vincere and linking to the candidate portal

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Available on Vincere Engage and Vincere Portals

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1️⃣ Setting up the onboarding documents

In your Vincere ATS, Head to Settings > Admin Settings > General Settings > Document Settings > 1. Documents & Checks

By default, all documents and checks are shown in the Candidate Portal as needing to be uploaded by candidates.

How to update the Document Settings:

Click on the edit icon to update the document name, verifiers, compliance level, show in candidate portal settings.

Note: Only users that have the Document Verifier permissions will be shown in the list.

👉 Click here for more information.

Show in Candidate Portal Settings

In the candidate’s profile, Onboarding tab > Doc Checks, the Candidate portal column will follow the Document Settings.

If the ‘show in candidate portal’ has been turned off in the main settings, in the candidate profile the checkbox is also unticked.

2️⃣ Setting up the email to request onboarding documents

Head to Settings > Email Templates, and look for email template section 13 Onboarding Documentation

Configure the following email templates:

  1. Template 13.1 - Request for Onboarding documents

  2. Template 13.6 - Request Onboarding Doc Checks

Note: If you're using Vincere Portals, make sure to update the hyperlink of 'Go to Candidate Portal' to your Portals site's URL (ie.

3️⃣ Requesting onboarding documents from your candidates

You can request the onboarding documents in different ways:

1/ Head over to the Candidate's profile > Onboarding tab > Doc Checks and you will see the list of documents that are required from the Candidates.

To request the document from the candidate, select the document and click Actions > Request Onboarding Doc Check. This is using email template 13.6

2/ Request the onboarding document at any stage of the process. Select a candidate and click Actions > Request Onboarding Doc Check

3/ Request the onboarding document when a candidate is at Placed stage

Go to the Placed stage, and open a candidate’s placement details. Look for the Onboarding Doc Check section.

Select a document and Action > Request for Onboarding Documents

This is using email template 13.1

4️⃣ Managing the onboarding documents

These documents will show in the candidate portal (Onboarding Section) as needing to be uploaded.

Vincere Portals - Candidate Portal view

Vincere Engage - Candidate Portal view

After the candidate uploads them to the portal, the documents will show in the Files tab of the candidate profile.

You can also access all documents by going to Settings > File Library

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