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Setting up the Auth pages / Login pages | Vincere Portals
Setting up the Auth pages / Login pages | Vincere Portals
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Setting up the Auth pages

In the Customizer, go to the navigation drop-down bar on the left-hand side.

Here you can find the pages you created in the Admin dashboard, Auth pages, Login and Registration pages for your candidates.

a. Candidate Registration - The URL is

b. Auth User Login - The URL is

*Note: The message "An email verification has been sent to you. Please follow the instructions in the email to activate your account." is displayed when your candidate registers for a new account on the portal.

c. Auth Accept Invitation - This is the page that which your candidate will see where they will key in their password.

d. Auth Email Verification - This is the message that your candidate will see after verifying their email and password. They can click the "Resend activation link" if they have not received the email to activate their account.

"An activation email was sent to your email address, please check your inbox and follow the activation link to activate your account"

e. Auth Email Verified - This is the message that your candidate will once they have verified their email. They can click the "View Dashboard" to quickly access their candidate portal from this page.

"Thank you for confirming your email address, you can visit your dashboard now."


  1. Update the logo by clicking on the Logo widget.

  2. Add a URL so that when your visitors click on the logo, they will be redirected to that URL

  3. Check that the title and text on each auth pages are what you want for your candidates to see.

Override Widget Settings

When the Override Mode is OFF, you will see a Visibility setting. Specify the pages you want to add the widget to.

Applying a background image

To apply a background image or color, click on the Styling.

📌 Quick Tip: Click ‘Library’ to access the free stock images

Hit ‘Publish’ when you are ready to make the changes live on your site 🚀

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